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Blagdon Fish Aid Anti Parasite 1,000ml

Blagdon Fish Aid Anti Parasite 1,000ml

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Blagdon Anti-Parasite

Blagdon Anti Parasite is a pond treatment for all species of pond fish. It fights against parasites, white spot, slime disease, costia, chilodnella, trichodina, gill flukes and body flukes. Most of these parasites are microscopic and can only be identified with a scrape under a microscope however, the fish may have the following symptoms. Flicking, Gasping and White Cloudy Appearance around the eyes, skin and gills.

Blagdon Anti Parasite 500ml will treat up to 4,546 litres of pond water and is incredibly easy to dose. The unique formula specially designed by experts at Blagdon is a five day course which is safe to use with all fish, wildlife and plants. It is important to test the pond’s water quality, as bad water quality can cancel out the treatment.

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