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Schockemohle Equitus Alpha

Schockemohle Equitus Alpha

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Product information "EQUITUS ALPHA"

Schockemöhle Sports set new standards in equestriansport with the development of the anatomic“EQUITUS” bridle range. 

This bridle concept focuses on the sensitive head of thehorse. Due to the innovative alignment, EQUITUS ALPHAprovides the horse with ultimate wearing comfort. The newalignment avoids for instance the main facial nerve; itspares important blood vessels and arteries and reduces thepressure on the horse’s neck. The innovative checkpieces can be attached directly to the noseband and thusprovide the rider with an uncomplicated adjustmentpossibility. 

The "Anatomic Line" is developed to meet the highestinternational standards in equestrian sports. EQUITUS ALPHA- as well as the EQUITUS BETA - is already FN certified andtherefore LPO compliant as well as approved forinternational competitions (FEI).

  • anatomic special bridle with perfect fitting
  • curved caveson bypasses the main facial nerve
  • softly padded headpiece with anatomical shape
  • wide and curved browband avoids pinching in the are of eyes and ears
  • new positioning of flash strap supports unrestricted breathing
  • quick and indidvidual customisation with fixed button rivets at cheek pieces
  • not suitable for lunging
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